Thursday, December 18, 2008


New Testament Saints
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Old Testament Saints
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American Saints

Byzantine Saints
*Apologia Pro Sanctus Gregorius Palamas
*Apologia Pro Sanctus Photius Magnus
*Emperor St. Justinian I the Great
*Happy Feast Day of St. Raphael the Archangel
*Sainthood of Photius the Great of Constantinople: Concluding Thoughts
*Saints of November 14
*St. Basil the Confessor
*St. Justinian the Great Not an Aphthartodocetist
*St. Photios the Great Died in Communion With Rome
*Timeline of the Life of St. Photios the Great

Child Saints
*Lives of the Saints Are Tearjerkers

*List of Great-Martyrs

Latin Saints
*The Words of St. Francis of Assisi That Made Me Cry

Russian Saints
*Metropolitan St. Michael I of Kiev
*Princess St. Olga of Kiev
*St. Andrei Rublev
*St. Alexander of Svir
*St. Igor II Olgovich
*St. Sergius of Radonezh

Ukrainian Saints
*"Josaphat the Malevolent?"


*Abortion (Church Fathers)
*Abortion = Murder, Double Effect, Catholic Teachings, and Research on Aborted Fetuses
*Abortion: An Ongoing Dialogue With My Friend, Pt. 1
*Abortion: An Ongoing Dialogue With My Friend, Pt. 2
*Abortion After Rape: Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right!
*Civil Law Does Not Always Agree With Moral Law
*Some Pro-Choice Fallacies Corrected

*Contraception (Church Fathers)
*Contraception Is A Mortal Sin

Death Penalty
*Anti-Death Penalty Clichés

*Church Fathers vs. Eastern Orthodoxy II: Divorce
*Divorce (Church Fathers)
*No Divorce!



Homosexuality & Gay Marriage
*Do You Know What You're Saying?
*Gay Marriage Is Wrong
*Homosexuality (Church Fathers)
*Science and Sound Sense: The Secular Case Against Same-Sex Marriage
*Homosexuality Is Wrong
*Sts. Sergius & Bacchus and John Boswell


Monday, September 8, 2008

Oriental Orthodoxy

*Dyophysitism (Church Fathers)
*Peter the Iberian
*The Robber Council of 449
*The Tome of Pope St. Leo I the Great is Not Nestorian
*Was Dioscorus "the Great" of Alexandria Orthodox?
*The Monophysite Writers
*Was Severus of Antioch Orthodox?

*Miaphysitism vs. Monophysitism
*One Incarnate Nature of God the Word

*Michael I the Great of Syria

Saturday, August 30, 2008


*The Bible Is Inerrant

Biology of Bible
*Biology of Bible: Bats & Birds

*Holtz On Gospel Chronology
*Jeconiah Became King At Age 18
*Teddy Bear and Ahaziah's Age

Cosmology of Bible
*What is earth suspended on?

Teddy Bear and Zedekiah's Death

Gospel Harmony
*Drange's Argument from the Bible
*Harmony of Christ's Seven Statements on the Cross
*I go not up to this feast, for My time is not yet fulfilled
*Quirinius Census in Luke
*Purple Or Scarlet Robe?
*Teddy Bear and Luke 23
*Time of Jesus' Crucifixion

*Another Installment in the Teddy Bear AFTB Saga
*Teddy Bear Needs A New Editor

Prophecy Fulfillment
*Judas & Silver
*Teddy Bear on Prophecy, Pt. 1
*Was St. John the Baptist Elijah?


Divine Punishments in Bible
*God's Mercy in 2 Kings 6
*God, Satan, and the Davidic Census
*Holtz Says God Is An Immoral Murderer
*On The Old Law, Pt. 1
*Teddy Bear Miscellaneous "Evil God" Argument, Pt. 1
*The Death Penalty in the Old Testament
*Theodicy: Flood of Noah

Evil in the World
*Problem of Evil Is Bogus
*Responses to Atheist Proposals for a Better World
*The Incoherence of the Atheistic "Better World"
*Various Reasons for Suffering

*Conversion of Brian Holtz From Catholicism to Atheism
*Hell Is Perfectly Fair
*The Redemptive Value of Hell
*What Is Hell?

Love of God
God Is Truly All-Loving

Eastern Catholicism

Eastern Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism
*Are There Doctrinal Differences Between Eastern Catholicism and Latin Catholicism?
*List of Sui Iuris Eastern Catholic Churches by Date of Reunion with Rome
*"Josaphat the Malevolent?"
*"Orthodox in Communion with Rome"

*Melkite Greek Catholic Church

*An Appreciation of Eastern Catholic Spirituality

Friday, August 15, 2008


*Contraception (Church Fathers)
*Contraception Is A Mortal Sin

*The "Deuterocanon" Is Scripture!
*Demolishing Fallacious Arguments Against Deuterocanon
*There has not been such great distress in Israel since the time prophets ceased to appear among the people

*Divorce (Church Fathers)
*No Divorce!

*Overview of Objections to the Eucharist
*Real Presence of Christ in Eucharist (Church Fathers)
*Transubstantiation (Church Fathers)

Mary, Blessed Virgin
*Dormition and Assumption of Mary (Church Fathers)
*Immaculate Conception (Church Fathers)
*Immaculate Conception of the Ever-Virgin Mary Mother of God
*Maria Immaculata and Romans 3:23
*Mary Queen of Heaven
*Mary Queen of Heaven (Church Fathers)
*Mary Was a Lifelong Virgin
*Perpetual Virginity of Mary (Church Fathers)
*The Fullness of Grace
*The Fullness of Grace, Part II
*Thrice-Holy God & Thrice-Blessed Mary

*Catholic Wonderworker Project Progress
*List of Catholic Miracles

*Caesaropapism in the Orthodox Church
*Papal Infallibility & Primacy (Church Fathers)
*Papacy in the Bible
*Papacy in the Church Fathers
*Peter Is the Rock (Church Fathers)
*Peter Went to Rome (Church Fathers)
*The Mythical Fall of Pope Anastasius II
*The Mythical Fall of Pope St. Liberius
*The Mythical Fall of Pope St. Marcellinus
*Victor Potapov's Bogus Arguments Against the Papacy

*C. S. Lewis on Purgatory
*Purgatory & Prayers for the Dead (Church Fathers)
*Purgatory Is Scriptural, Pt. 1
*Purgatory Is Scriptural, Pt. 2
*St. Thomas Aquinas on the Abodes of the Dead

Sola Scriptura
*Summa Contra Sola Scriptura

Venial & Mortal Sins
*GotQuestions on Mortal vs. Venial Sins